Message from President

Welcome to the official website of Bangladesh Association of Women Scientists (BAWS). The mission of BAWS is to work on behalf of all members to popularize and enhance the participation of women in SET (Science, Engineering and Technology) locally and globally. During this time initiatives on many fronts move this mission forward. The following are the examples of actiities participated during this 32 years:
  • Working at the intersection of Government and Society: participating in National Seminars organized by Science and Technology ministry. The members of BAWS participated to the policy making and the research funding processes.
  • Participation to the international seminars, symposium on science and technology activities: BAWS members are taking active interest in advancing science activities internationally.
  • Networks with international science forum: BAWS established network with OWSDW (former TWOWS), which is major player of women in science on the international scene.
  • Science education and career development: BAWS members are actively taking participation in science education and career development in Bangladesh.
BAWS works to engage in science education, policy communities and public at large in the shared mission to advance SET and serve the society. As a woman in SET you are an integral part of this mission. I hope you will be benefited from this website. On behalf of the association I welcome your involvement.

Professor Dr. Shahida Rafique
Bangladesh Association of Women Scientists

Short Biography of Dr. Shahida Rafique
Dr. Shahida Rafique is a Professor Emeritus and Chairman of Governing Body , Institute of Science and Technology, National University, Bangladesh, where she has been since 1993. Shahida Rafique received her B.Sc (Hons) in Physics, from Department of Physics, University of Dhaka in 1971, M.Sc in Solid State Physics (Thesis group), Department of Applied Physics & Electronics, University of Dhaka in 1973 and Ph.D in Physics, from King’s College, from University of London, U.K. in 1979. She did Post-Doc. research on liquid semiconductors, in Physics Department, Kyoto University, and Kyoto, Japan in 1985. Dr. Shahida Rafique joined Dhaka University, Bangladesh, as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics in March 1980. She was promoted to Associate professor in 1987, and became Professor in 1992 in the same Department. Her research interests are in the field of Electronics Engineering, High speed networking, Nanotechnology, Renewable energy Technology and Participation of women in STEM etc. She published about 300 research articles in National and International Journals. She has 5 published books on Science and Technology. Prof. Dr. Shahida Rafique has the distinction of being the Nominator (by Invitation from the Nobel Committee for Physics) of Nobel Prize in Physics for two times, in 2001 and 2016. She is the Founder of Institute of science and technology, a center of excellence for education in Science & Engineering at higher level. For her excellent performance and outstanding contribution on human resource development in S&T education, research and development, she was awarded ‘Rapport award for excellence in human resource Development-2012’. She was the first female member of the advisory board of PATC, and the first Elected Vice president, National women organization, Gov. of Bangladesh. At present, she is the president of OWSDNC & BAWS, Bangladesh and full member of OWSD: ID 1802.