Aim and Objective

Aim and Objectives

  • Realizing the importance of the role of science and technology in developing process.
  • Convinced that the full participation of men and women in science and technology work is essential.
  • Realizing the participation and cooperation of all the people from Government, Non government and private sector in science and technology.
  • Realizing that access of women in science and technology and scope of women is limited in developing world.
  • Finally referring to the objective in the recommendation adopted during the conference on role of the women in the development of science and technology in 3rd world at Trieste, Italy 1998, the national chapter of TWOWS Bangladesh is formed.
  • The main objective is the increased participation of women in science and technology in promoting greater participation in scientific and Technology activities within the country and international community.

General Objective

The general objective of the organization shall be the promotion of women in assembly in Bangladesh with a view to strengthening their role in the development in the country through directly their high level of scientific activities to the improvement of the quality of the majority of the people. The organization shall also promote the scientific and Technological cooperation at national, regional and global levels considering the different culture and socio economic condition. In the first instance the organization shall concentrate on natural and appropriate sciences, pure and applied, keeping in mind the need to incorporate the contributions of the human and social sciences.

Specific Objectives

  • Survey and analysis of the status and prospects of women in science and technology in Bangladesh.
  • To improve the access the education, training and research and opportunities.
  • To increase the activities and efficiency of women scientists in Bangladesh.
  • To promote the science and technology achievement of women in Bangladesh in this region.
  • To promote collaboration and communication among young women scientists in the area and comparing with the international scientific committee.
  • To promote the women scientists in decision making processes.
  • To popularize and promote science and technology for the general welfare of the ordinary illiterate people in Bangladesh.
  • To encourage international organization to increase their participation for prompting the role in science and technology in Bangladesh.
  • To create the job opportunities.
  • To develop some income generating activities.
  • To develop appropriate technology response to the need of the society.
  • To link up modern science to appropriate science and technology.
  • To integrate ethical and traditional culture of different societies with science culture.